The Muddy Paws experience is much more than a grooming. Cathy will treat your pet with the same care and affection as her own, and will customize the experience to fit his or her unique needs. Because Muddy Paws uses only the finest all-natural products, your pet's skin and coat will be healthier, and will look better, longer. Your pet will be treated to one of the most thorough grooming experiences available, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

At-Your-Door Service
All-Natural Products
Massaging Bath & Moisturizing Rinse
Hand Dry & Fluff
Brushing & Combing
Ear Cleaning & Deodorizing
Nail Clipping & Filing
Teeth Brushing & Breath Spray
Fragrance with Sunscreen & Moisturizers
Brightening Blueberry Facial
Bow or Bandana
Report Card

Hourly Rate: $85
Minimum Charge: $80

Bath Only
Puppy Cut
Breed Specific
Lion Cut
Clean Face & Feet

Paw & Elbow Treatment +$5
Glossy Coat Treatment +$5
Paw Soak +$6
Medicated Bath +$10
Nail Pawlish +$10
Shed-Less Treatment +$15
Anal Gland Expression +$15
Flea & Tick Treatment +$15
Skin & Coat Treatment +$25
Skunk Bath +$25
Extra Brushing & De-matting +$35/hr